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Emotional Soul Retrieval: Intensive Retreats

We invite you to come to Sedona and learn the keys to having a passionate, ever-deepening, intimate relationship.

Join us in an exciting adventure of the heart as you gain access to the miraculous spiritual wisdom of your emotions.

Learn a step-by-step method that transforms any upset into a healing experience leading to greater trust and closeness with your partner.

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Learn to work through your upsets in one of the world’s most inspiring settings

Emotional Soul Retrieval Intensives

The Emotional Soul Retrieval Intensives are designed to teach the individual or couple a new framework for emotional communication that results in open hearted relationships.



Learning to use the Emotional Soul Retrieval Process can prevent the inevitable crises that threaten so many relationships when emotions are avoided or expressed harmfully.

Rather than using a couples therapy orientation where problems are brought to the “outside experts” for intervention, Emotional Soul Retrieval is about making you and your partner the experts of your own relationship with the know-how to avoid the classic break downs that so often derail love.

These intensives are designed to match your unique pace as individuals and as a couple. We commit to create a sacred, confidential and secure space that allows for the vulnerability and realness necessary for the opening of the Heart.


3 Day Intensive:

This 3 day intensive in Sedona is geared for those who want a full-on immersion in the Emotional Soul Retrieval Process in a condensed timeframe.

5 Day Intensive:

This 5 day intensive in Sedona is geared for those who want a full-on immersion in the Emotional Soul Retrieval Process in a spacious timeframe.

Ongoing Sessions:

Rich and Jean offer 1-1/2 hour long sessions in person or by phone.

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We will teach you a step-by-step process that you can use safely and consistently to move through upsets.

You will learn how to:

  • Listen to your partner’s upsets in a relaxed and engaged way.
  • Express and detox each layer of your own emotional upsets.
  • Connect present upsets with past experiences to retrieve aspects of your soul.
  • Remove transference projections from your intimate partner so you can see them for who they really are.

The Emotional Soul Retrieval Process is the frame we use for going through this emotional trek and through the layers of your feelings whenever you are triggered or upset.  Normally, upsets cause resentment, pain, distance and eventually break-ups.  We use these every-day upsets as a basis for deeper growth and love.

~ When you have the space you need to connect with your authentic feelings and your True Self, your heart opens – to yourself and to your partner ~

By working with the emotional body consciously, you begin to see your partner and your existence in a new way.  Learning how to lift the veils of transference off your partner allows you to bask in their loving essence again.

Using this method, we have witnessed couple after couple reach their highest potential of joy, co-creativity, and spiritual healing.

We respect the power and potency of full emotional expression, and we are committed to creating a safe, protected context.

Reclaim your life force!

Sedona Center for Emotional Intimacy Offerings


For those interested in a more extensive Emotional Soul Retrieval experience, the 5-Day Intensive includes daily, in-depth trainings with Rich and Jean, supplemented by a menu of unique and powerful psycho-spiritual treatments with various highly-skilled professionals in the Sedona area.   Each treatment is designed to add to your capacity and skill level for becoming masterful at relationship.  Depending upon your preferences and needs, you will experience shamanic breath work, meditation, vortex hiking, relaxing bodywork, as well as alone time for reading, journaling and integration of new information.  Your final day of the 5-Day Intensive will be exclusively with Rich and Jean to ensure a sense of completion and preparedness for using the Emotional Soul Retrieval Process as your emotional language in your ongoing life.

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This intensive is geared for those who want a full-on immersion in the Emotional Soul Retrieval Process. You will meet with Rich and Jean each morning and afternoon to learn the skills that give you the safety for authentic expression of your feelings.  You will experience and practice working through your triggers so that you leave with the integrated tools for navigating through your emotional body.

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Rich and Jean offer 1-1/2 hour long sessions in person or by phone. These sessions can be the mode in which you learn the Emotional Soul Retrieval Process or they can be used as often as needed as follow-up to your Intensive.

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