Client Experiences and Success Stories

“The Emotional Soul Retrieval process is such a radically different approach to conflict, and yet it feels intuitively right.  We loved the atmosphere Rich and Jean created for us, and it’s obvious how much they live from and embody this work.  That was really important to us.”

Shannon, Austin

“It’s such a relief to have a consistent, effective way of dealing with the times we get mad at each other … without walking on eggshells.  This process is the answer to our prayers.”

Steve, Sedona

“It’s so freeing to have found a process that lets us be real and say what we really feel.  After working with Jean and Rich and learning how to use the Soul Retrieval Process, we’re able to tell each other things that were too scary to share with anyone else, and it makes us feel closer and more connected on a soul level.”

Linda, Birmingham

“Emotional Soul Retrieval is powerful in how it helps us emotionally experience and then remove any transference of old wounds from each other.  We had been starting to try to rise above this stuff because we’ve both done so much work on ourselves, but our relationship was dying from our emotional distance.  Now we feel more passionate and in love than ever!”

Clive, Sedona

“Using Rich and Jean’s transformational process, we’ve truly become more intimate and trusting by going through our upsets, which is amazing to us.  We’ve learned how to listen to each other, how to have empathy for each other and how to communicate with each other.  What a blessing!”

Jackie, Boulder

“Everyone talks about how great it would be to have a conscious or spiritually loving relationship, but Emotional Soul Retrieval is the only thing we’ve found that actually addresses how to DO it on a daily, moment-to-moment basis.”

Suzanne, New York

“We did the 3 Day Intensive in Sedona with Rich and Jean, and it opened our eyes to how much we’ve been dumping (or what they call “splattering”) our crap on each other.  Once you learn how to do it differently, there’s no way to go back to hurting each other in that way.”

Pam, San Diego

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