TRIGGERED – Transmuting Upsets Into Love, The Book

We are excited to announce the release of our new book,
TRIGGERED -Transmuting Upsets Into Love.

TRIGGERED Excerpt: “Emotional Soul RetrievalTM is a process of unwinding. We are all bound in webs of maladaptive patterns due to suppression of the wisdom of the emotional body, and we are encased in defensive structures meant to impose separation. We must venture into our authentic feeling experience in order to find our way back home, to Love.

When we understand both how the emotional body operates, as well as the psychological underpinnings of each emotional upset, we have the ability to work with our triggers in a way that unwinds the structural deficits suffered through dissociation. An organic and natural healing occurs each time we acknowledge the flow of the feelings that emerge during a trigger and follow their path to our deeper wounds and concurrent soul loss.”

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TRIGGERED: Transmuting Upsets Into Love is an intelligent addition to the fields of spiritual psychology, couple’s therapy, and self-help, honed from over 20 years of successful practice by authors, Rich Schonberg, Psy.D. and Jean Neesley”

– Lane Badger, Editor and Publisher/ Cities of Light Media

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