Emotional Soul Retrieval
with Rich Schonberg, Psy.D. and Jean Neesley
Emotional Soul Retrieval
with Rich Schonberg, Psy.D. and Jean Neesley

Who We Are…

Greetings from Rich Schonberg and Jean Neesley. We are the co-founders of the Emotional Soul Retrieval Process and the co-authors of the book TRIGGERED – Transmuting Upsets Into Love.

Emerging from our primary intention to live in the ambience of an open heart as much as possible, we have developed, practiced and taught emotional communication to individuals and couples for over 25 years in Sedona, Arizona.

The ability to effectively share our feelings is an essential skill for having the type of intimate relationship that most of us desire.  But without knowing the fundamental language and workings of the emotional body, expressing feelings becomes chaotic and unsafe, making it too dangerous to be real.

“We will help you understand and learn to trust the innate wisdom of your emotions as well as their true spiritual purpose in guiding you to your soul.”

Let Rich and Jean share this gift with you. Break through your emotional pain and transmute it into the purest gold of love.

What We Offer…

Bring every upset into the heart of compassion

Our work addresses the universal yearning for intimacy that enlivens rather than deadens, deepens rather than distances, and allows for authenticity, personal growth, and true connection.  We help couples unlock the mystery of how to keep love alive and thriving in an intimate, committed relationship.

By embracing the paradigm that upsets are a portal to psychic integration, we embark on a journey that goes far beyond the objectifications and fantasy of the “honeymoon phase”.  Romantic infatuation serves as the invitation to the more profound bonding of true Eros, which involves loving the entirety of the other and one’s Self.

Ever-deepening connection is directly correlated to emotional authenticity and soul transparency.

“We have both experienced a lot of therapy over the years, and nothing has gone so deep, so quickly, with such compassion, as the work we have done with Jean and Rich.”  ~ Robert and Amanda, Sedona

The Emotional Soul Retrieval Process is a natural and miraculous frame that allows us to transform the inevitable upsets we all face in our intimate relationships into profound healings and greater love.  It provides a safe, step-by-step solution to: “I don’t know what to do with my anger;” “I’m spinning in sadness;” or “I can’t stop feeling anxious.”  This process is the missing piece in humanity’s tutelage and is simply the right use of the emotional body.  Applied consistently, it reverses the conditioning that the emotional body is something to be feared, and instead educates our being with the psychological and spiritual value of learning to trust and embrace the sacredness of our feelings.

Work With Us…

Learn to clear your upsets in one of the world’s most inspiring settings

Offered in the magical setting of Sedona, Arizona we invite you to come and learn the keys to having a passionate, intimate relationship. Join us in an exciting adventure of the heart as you gain access to the miraculous spiritual wisdom of your emotions.

Learn a step-by-step method that transforms any upset into a healing experience leading to greater trust and closeness with your partner. Reconnect to the sacredness of your soul and the deeper purpose of your relationship in the majestic beauty of the Red Rocks.

“Rich and Jean are masterful at helping us learn to love the parts of ourselves that we keep trying to reject.  It’s so freeing to be able to explore everything we feel instead of walking on eggshells and denying our emotions.”  ~ Michael and Ellen, Boulder

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