About Us

We are Rich Schonberg and Jean Neesley, the co-founders of the Emotional Soul Retrieval Trainings and co-authors of Triggered – Transmuting Upsets Into Love, a handbook for conscious relationship.
We have been working together with couples and individuals for over 25 years, doing weekend or week long intensives as well as on-going sessions.

The intention of our work is to:

• Teach a reliable language and process for safely navigating through everyday triggers.
• Use conflicts and misunderstandings as a basis for developing self-love and mutual respect.
• Re-frame upsets as healthy and important opportunities for spiritual growth and greater intimacy.

After 27 years, we remain deeply committed to living within a passionate, authentic love and trust with each other. We were dissatisfied with current psychological and spiritual models of dealing with emotional upsets, so we synthesized our own unique process. We have been teaching the Emotional Soul Retrieval Process to other individuals and couples interested in a new paradigm with ever-deepening results.

Our Backgrounds

Jean Neesley is a facilitator of conscious, emotional exploration and expression and has been practicing in Sedona, Arizona for the past 25 years. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and is certified in clinical hypnotherapy. Jean is uniquely gifted in guiding individuals and couples alike through the turbulent emotions of their pain and suffering, to find the deeper spiritual meaning and soul connection within each upset.



Rich Schonberg, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who graduated from Tufts University and received his Doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in 1984. For the past 35 years he has been at the vanguard of the psycho-spiritual community, integrating neo-analytic theory with metaphysics to create a unique soul-based therapy that meets his clients at their growing edge. Rich served as the Director of the Emerson College Counseling Center and was an Associate Professor at both the Boston Institute for Psychotherapies and the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

Bring every upset into the heart of compassion

The right use of the emotional body has been the missing piece in all of our lives. Our “feel good, look good” culture has fostered an epidemic of superficiality and conformity, demanding we disown our true self at all costs. Jean and Rich are masterful at gently and lovingly teaching this reliable, safe, step-by-step way of clearing upsets which reconnects us with our divine essence.

“The Emotional Soul Retrieval Process has been vital to keeping the love alive in our relationship, and we have actually gifted an intensive with Rich and Jean as a wedding present.  It changes your life.”  ~ James and Meg, New York

When we repress our authentic emotions in our relationships, we end up feeling disconnected, anxious and perilously unseen. When we engage in the unconscious, unskilled splattering of emotion it can result in days of distance and shut down or even verbal and physical abuse. Dealing with upsets via repression or splattering have been the primary modes of communication and yet they destroy intimacy. True, deepening love does not thrive in these waters. Our Soul knows there is a better way.

Work With Us…

Learn to clear your upsets in one of the world’s most inspiring settings

Offered in the magical setting of Sedona, Arizona, we invite you to come and learn the keys to having a passionate, ever-deepening intimate relationship. Join us in an exciting adventure of the heart as you gain access to the miraculous spiritual wisdom of your emotions.

Learn a step-by-step method that transforms any upset into a healing experience leading to greater trust and closeness with your partner. Reconnect to the sacredness of your soul and the deeper purpose of your relationship in the majestic beauty of the Red Rocks.

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